Partner Buyouts

Opportunities for Partner & Shareholder Buyouts

For businesses that have multiple owners, the optimal time to exit may not be the same for all shareholders. Personal circumstances, differences in stage of life, and degree of operating involvement may all influence an individual’s decision to remain engaged in a business or seek liquidity.

Challenges We Address

For those situations in which a selling shareholder holds a position too large to be purchased with available resources, an IntraFi Local Credit loan may help to bridge the gap. Our loans can offer the capital needed to effect an ownership transition in a non-dilutive manner, enabling the ongoing management and ownership to continue to operate the company without interference or loss of control.

How We Help

IntraFi Local Credit loans can provide support for:

  • Redemptions of ownership interests of inactive or departed founders
  • Liquidity for passive shareholders or early investors in a business
  • Generational transitions in family businesses, offering liquidity for inactive or retiring individuals while providing for continuing ownership by family members
  • Management team buyouts of a business from its founder on a negotiated basis, in lieu of a third party sale

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