SBA 7(a) Complement

Opportunities for SBA 7(a) Borrowers

The SBA 7(a) loan program offers attractive financing for many business acquisition and expansion opportunities: a ten-year term, subsidized pricing, and flexible covenants. However, SBA loans cannot exceed $5 million per borrower, limiting the size of the projects that may be addressed.  In other situations, an otherwise well-qualified SBA prospect may seek a solution that would permit a non-conforming transaction structure.

Achieve Higher Total Loan Amounts

IntraFi Local Credit loans can be extended together with loans from select SBA lenders to achieve total loan amounts up to $8 million. Through these partnerships, your business can receive an SBA loan for up to $5 million in tandem with an IntraFi Local Credit loan for as much as $3 million to support larger initiatives.

Address Non-Conforming transaction needs

IntraFi Local Credit loans may be used in conjunction with conventional bank loans to support non-conforming transaction structures that are not eligible for SBA financing. In these cases, a borrower can often receive a similar total amount of capital at a blended cost comparable to an SBA loan.  Examples may include situations in which:

  • Required personal guarantees are not available
  • Existing shareholders seek to sell a portion, but not all, of their holdings
  • One or more current owners wish to remain active in the business for more than a year
  • There is an existing SBA loan outstanding that limits additional credit
  • Other factors preclude the application of an SBA guarantee

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