Debt Refinancing

Opportunities for Debt Refinancing

As your company evolves, its optimal sources of financing may change as well. A business may take on more costly or shorter-term capital earlier in its development, and subsequently seek to refinance with a more sustainable conventional solution. In other cases, a company’s existing credit facility may be maturing, motivating its evaluation of additional lending options.

Challenges We Address

When considering a refinancing, a business may find that a bank is willing to refinance part of its existing debt, but not the entire amount.  At the same time, its existing lender may be unwilling to subordinate the portion of the legacy debt that would remain.  In these cases, the company may seek to raise the additional capital that would be required to repay its existing lender in full.

How We Help

If your business is seeking to refinance its existing debt with a new bank loan, but requires more capital than a bank will lend, an IntraFi Local Credit loan may help. Our loans can augment your new bank credit facility, providing additional liquidity and flexibility for your business.

For qualified borrowers, we can also help identify a bank local to your business that can support your refinancing if requested. Please note, however, that we do not participate in business turnaround or bank “kick-out” situations.

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