Opportunities for Business Acquisitions

Growing a business through acquisition is often a key strategy for many smaller companies. Acquisitions can help expand product lines, reach new geographies, and reduce customer concentrations across both firms. Acquirers can also improve overall results by rationalizing the duplicate costs that separate companies naturally incur. And, the combined larger entity will often command a higher valuation at exit than a similar but smaller firm.

Challenges We Address

Many compelling business acquisitions require capital beyond the cash on hand, bank loans, and seller financing that may be available. While business owners may turn to equity financing or friends-and-family resources, these sources of capital can be permanently dilutive, necessitate significant governance concessions, and are not always readily available.

How We Help

IntraFi Local Credit loans can help fill acquisition financing gaps in a non-dilutive and cost-effective manner. Our underwriting takes into consideration the combined operating results of the businesses, and our capital may be used support goodwill and non-asset based financing needs.

We have the experience to recognize that acquisition transactions may be time-sensitive and entail careful coordination among multiple parties. We endeavor to work collaboratively with your team, your senior lender, and your advisors and counterparties to facilitate a seamless and successful closing process.

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