About Us

The IntraFiSM Local Credit lending solution provides junior loans designed to meet the financing needs of small business owners.

With an IntraFi Local Credit loan, a business can access additional capital beyond its bank loan; for example, in situations where there may be ample cash flow, but limited collateral.

IntraFi Local Credit was established in collaboration with IntraFi Network, LLC, a trusted partner chosen by 3,000 financial institutions nationwide, including more than 40% of banks currently in the United States. In connection with the IntraFi Local Credit lending solution, ILC Fund Advisors, LLC receives certain services from IntraFi Network, LLC.1

Who We Are

1Although ILC Fund Advisors, LLC (“ILC”) receives certain services from IntraFi Network, LLC (“IntraFi Network”), ILC is not an affiliate of IntraFi Network. IntraFi Network is not a lender and makes no warranties or representations concerning any loan.

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IntraFi Local Credit loans are originated by a lender managed by ILC Fund Advisors, LLC (“ILC”) and are subject to the terms and conditions in definitive agreements to be entered into between a borrower and the lender. All product offerings, services, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Not all products and services are available in all geographic areas. This is not a commitment to lend or a guarantee of financing. All loans are subject to receipt of a complete application, credit approval, and other conditions. Products offered are not consumer loans. Terms and process are illustrative only, may not be indicative of the terms or process that may actually result, and are subject to change at any time. Loans may be subject to commitment and other fees, as applicable. IntraFi and the IntraFi logo are service marks of IntraFi Network LLC and are used by ILC pursuant to a license.